ANI announces SMART FINANCE at TechDays Aveiro

ANI announces SMART FINANCE at TechDays Aveiro

October 12, at Aveiro Exhibition Park

ANI returned to its presence at TechDays Aveiro. In this second participation, the Agency presented the SMART FINANCE project, developed under the Interreg SUDOE Program, of which it is a partner. Over the course of a day, a personalized service desk was made available to SMEs and entrepreneurs attending the event, which resulted in an increase in registrations on the SMART FINANCE platform, which aims to develop customized business plans for companies.

This edition of TechDays Aveiro aimed to disseminate technologies to serve the economic development and wellbeing of the population through themes such as: smart cities, industry 4.0, circular economy, mobility, talents & skills and will feature nationally and internationally renowned speakers.

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